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Do you see female patients who are wheelchair users and have never had a Pap Test because they can’t get on the

examination table? Or women who are not able to do their own breast examinations?

Female wheelchair users should have equal access to health checks.

Nurse Practitioner, Lyn, will be available for consultations at a regular clinic at the Hobart Women’s Health Centre at

25 Lefroy Street, North Hobart.

The first clinic will be held on Wednesday 18th January 2012. Consultations are bulk-billed.

For clients with complex mobility or communication needs, it may be appropriate to bring a carer, but there will be

nursing staff onsite to assist .

A hoist & adjustable-height examination table will be available.

For more information contact Jane Dening at the Community

Rehabilitation Unit on 62227291. For appointments please contact the

Hobart Women’s Health Centre on 62313212

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